PHS offers new home owners and established residents of Vero Beach professional, streamlined solutions, for home care.

PHS serves year round and seasonal residents with cost-effective and timely response to meet your needs, big and small, whether in residence or away from home.

Cooperating with your current service providers and prepared to offer alternative/additional support as needed, PHS provides a single point of contact for clients to access our full range of property management, maintenance & concierge services. PHS has the tools to protect your investment and your peace of mind.

CAPABLE & COMMITTED, PHS is the key to your paradise kept!!!

PHS home inspections are personalized to each residence. A complementary consultation allows PHS to customize a checklist, room-by-room, interior & exterior of the residence. This checklist serves to format a status report. During the consultation, homeowners are asked to identify priorities and desired frequency of inspection walk-through. PHS prepares a written agreement reflecting the information gathered during the consultation. Cost is factored on frequency of inspection and the needs of the particular residence. Clients receive status reports following each inspection (monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly). The reports keep homeowners updated and informed, aware of items in need of attention. Given the information, homeowners may effectively determine how & when to proceed.

... pleased to offer recommendations & referrals, free of charge, to homeowners
... manage your repairs, maintenance, etc... on a case-by-case, cost-plus basis.

Mindful of the fact that homeowners have unique needs and priorities, we are flexible! Established resident or new homeowner, we meet you where you are !!!

For homeowners requiring more than a status report and occasional a la carte maintenance or service, there is PHS Property Management. PHS Property Management offers cost-effective and hassle-free seasonal or year round home maintenance and services.

The scope of PHS Property Management is determined by the individual homeowner, ranging from comprehensive and full service to limited and specific for a defined period of time. PHS serves its customers with the time honored tradition of quality & excellence synonymous with the PARENT CONSTRUCTION name. Serving customers for over 45 years, our network of tradesmen & service providers is TRIED & TRUE!!!

PHS Management fees are dependent on the level of management required and requested by the homeowner, no more no less!!!

With PHS Concierge Services... you are free to enjoy your every moment in paradise. Whether full-time and seasonal residents,


  •   Opening & closing of home
  •   Stocking your fridge
  •   Arranging transportation to and from the airport
  •   Offering reservations & recommendations for
    •   Dining & local tips
    •   Pet sitting
    •   Babysitting
    •   Catering
    •   Car wash & detail
    •   You name it!!!

Count on PHS Hurricane Services to guard your investment, safely and surely. Our customers are our priority. We offer shuttering services, repair and handyman services, as well as emergency fixes to damage on your home with priority given to damage that leads to additional concern without immediate attention.With years of experience, we know what it takes to effectively prepare for a storm and have the tools to repair and restore your home in the aftermath of even the worst storms.

PHS will clear your property of debris and provide touch-up painting and pressure cleaning as required to bring your home back to looking its best.

PHS Hurricane Services... PEACE of MIND beyond the eye of the storm!

Letter from Owner

As owner of PHS, I am committed to providing homeowners with cost effective and worry free seasonal or year round home maintenance and services. A single point of contact is paramount to our service philosophy. Our inspection, management, and concierge services are tailored to fit your needs and budget. PHS keeps you - the homeowner - updated, informed, and secure. Please contact us at 772.321.6803 or complete our confidential, online questionnaire to learn more about Parent Home Services - where your paradise is kept!

Paul Parent